Christmas craziness with three weeks to go

One of my favourite sayings is the serenity ‘prayer’. You know the one that says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and courage to change those I can.“? Last week’s weather was one of those events over which we have no control. At this time of year it was disastrous for many retailers. For us we lost sales and so consequently commission.

There was one clever chap though who’s worth mentioning. He was on the corner a short distance from our Calendar Club store, selling sledges last Sunday. And I’m pretty certain he sold them all. Kids were revelling in the white stuff, being pulled around and spinning joyously. Barry discovered he’d bought a job lot some years ago, and been waiting for this rare opportunity to get them out to make his money back – and a nice profit for his Christmas budget to boot! Marvellous entrepreneurial inspiration. I love it! Continue reading

Half way already and loving Lichfield

Hard to believe but today we’re seven weeks into our fourteen week commitment with Calendar Club at The Three Spires Shopping Centre in Lichfield. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun …

Barry and I are working surprisingly well together, sharing time in the shop and ensuring we each have regular time out. We must be doing something right as we’re featured in the latest Bulletin to Store Operators as third in the country (over 270 outlets) for the number of feedback input from the till receipts we give. When customers go to the website and complete a short five-question feedback survey, their name goes into a draw to win a £250 High Street voucher.

Barry amused himself last week on one of my days away. A customer asked where ‘the lovely lady’ was; “That’s no lady, that’s my wife,!” he told me he chortled – said he’d been waiting years to use that line. Cheeky whatsit! Continue reading

Delighted to return to Droitwich

One of our first events as Floating Traders, was St Richard’s Festival in Droitwich in 2014. Our dear friends Helen and Andy, from Wild Side, had already been trading there for a couple of years, so it was very special to moor up snugly next to them for the first time.

This year will also be significantly memorable, as they’re thankfully here after a one year absence due to illness.

Areandare The Home Brew Boat, closely followed by Wand’ring Bark and The Jam Butty with Wild Side and the festival field preparing for Saturday

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