Adventures Aboard AreandAre


Hard to believe but today we’re seven weeks into our fourteen week commitment with Calendar Club at The Three Spires Shopping Centre in Lichfield. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun … Barry and I are working surprisingly well together, sharing time in the shop and ensuring we each have regular time out. We must be doing something right as we’re featured in the latest Bulletin to Store Operators as third… Read More

Chico Chugg

Whether you love, despise, or feel indifferent about it, the Internet has become one of the most astounding methods of networking and communication ever invented. That’s my humble opinion anyway – though I suspect I’m becoming a bit of a technology nerd (no need to rush to prepare your comment/debate below on that statement …).

The Home Brew Boat at Huddlesford

Amongst the 2,000 miles of interconnected navigable canal and rivers in England and Wales, there remains sections in the process of restoration – some more actively than others. Lichfield, a cathedral city (famous for it’s three spires), is a short distance north east of Sutton Coldfield, where I grew up and raised my two children. Since 1988, the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust has been actively working on restoring their section… Read More