A Succession of Summer Visitors – part 1

Once again it’s been a while since we posted. To be honest we’re considering stopping this blog, as we could possibly be portraying that life on the UK Inland Waterways is too amazing leading to everyone wanting to come and share a taste of it! Maybe we’ll start writing about the pitfalls instead of the pleasantness? Something to consider …

On the bright side it’s been amazing to have a preponderance of people discovering why we chose this way of life. A number of them may even decide to come and do something similar one day, they loved their experiences so much. Barry puts many hours into planning routes that provide as many delights as possible. Unsurprisingly working a few locks is always in there! Continue reading

A Bostin time in Boston despite Stump and Windmill disappointments

We suspect few narrowboats venture as far east as Boston – especially during the harshness of the British winter. Since leaving Nottingham two weeks ago, we’ve only seen two other moving boats, each in quick succession, not far from Saxilby.

As we’re ticking off the few Inland Waterway routes we’ve NOT yet navigated (there’s not many left now), continuing onto the River Witham from Lincoln, as far as Boston, was bound to be on the list. Barry had been regaled with tales suggesting it was a pretty pointless place to visit; nothing to see there they said. Wrong! One evening in The Royal Oak, Tattershall Bridge, on his way there while I was with my daughter, Barry got chatting to one of the locals. He told me he’d told her the word Boston is a Black Country term for ‘brilliant’! Not quite Barry – it’s bostIn, not BostOn! That kiwi accent and interpretations of British accents, gets him into strife at times … Continue reading

Maintaining a healthy balance of boating and land-life

So much has happened since I last blogged. I frequently have an intention to post an update, and then get waylaid …

Consequently I’ve a strong suspicion the blog could be a casualty as one of the spinning plates that I’ll allow to stop spinning temporarily, on and off, over the coming weeks and months.

I’m keenly aware of my previous (and occasionally current) propensity to spread myself too thinly, and then experience that engulfing, panicky, overwhelm feeling. It’s not good for my health, adrenaline coursing around my veins and picking up a dose of cortisol to boot could seriously reduce my lifespan and I’d rather take steps to prevent it whenever possible.

Being mindful of this means I’ll find a way to keep the balance of our boating life and businesses, and our land-life commitments in the autumn and winter.

It remains to be seen how successful that’ll be … Continue reading