Speed Awareness Surprises

My initial reaction to the speeding fine letter sent to mum’s in March, shortly after returning from the family gathering at Northmoor House in February, was probably to be expected.

Annoyance mostly.

At myself for driving at 35mph in a 30mph limit. Admittedly though, it was directed more at the serious looking copper I remembered pointing his speed gun menacingly at me as I drove past him with mum and Barry in the car.

Many conversations since with people have centred around the ‘injustice’ of it. For goodness sake it was ‘only’ 5 mph above the speed limit! On a country road just outside a small village. Why don’t they pick on the crazy drivers who flash past me gently meandering down the motorway at 60mph, while they’re going like the clappers at what looks astonishingly like 90mph? Surely that’s far more dangerous?!

I bet a few of you reading have had similar experiences? Continue reading