Trading Tales – The Oatcake Boat

What wonderful tales we’ve had to date – The Pirate Boat, The Art BoatThe Glass BoatThe Doggie Boat, The Borders Cheese Carrying BoatThe Beverage Boat and Phoenix GiftsThe Bag BoatThe Jam Boat, and The Floating Art Gallery Boat.

This week sees the tenth tale – and sadly the last one I have lined up. When (rather than ‘if’!) I receive more from Floating Traders, I’ll post them – on a Friday at 12 midday.

Introducing Kay (and Steve)

What’s the name of your boat, and what business do you run from it?

Kay Mundy, The Oatcake BoatOur boat is called Que Sara Sara (a clever play on names, Kay and Sara), and we sell homemade (Staffordshire) Oatcakes – with mainly savoury fillings, occasionally sweet ones. As Oatcakes are mainly a Staffordshire delicacy, that’s where we tend to cruise and trade.

Staffordshire is famous for pottery, more so historically. Oat straw was used to pack the pottery before the canals were built, as the pottery was transported using a horse and cart. People wondered what to do with all the left over oats, and subsequently Oatcakes were invented. Continue reading

Trading Tales – The Floating Art Gallery Boat

We’ve received some encouraging comments about our ‘Trading Tales‘ series (keep the comments coming!), and I’m feeling hopeful traders will continue to send me their tales to publish for a good few weeks yet:

“Hi Sandra
Wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed reading your series about the trader boats on the canals. Who would have known there was so much variety?”


“Lovely to see a family enjoying the cruising life and home schooling.”

Continue reading

Trading Tales – The Jam Boat

This week’s Trading Tale features a couple who’ve been greatly missed on the cut so far this year. Sometimes life throws us a curved ball and we take time to readjust and refocus.

We’re hoping to see them at the three events they currently have scheduled in September …

Introducing Helen and Andy

Wild Side James and PreservesWhat’s the name of your boat, and what business do you run from it?

We make and sell preserves including Jam, Marmalade, Chutney, Vinegars and Cordials and wherever possible we try include a wild ingredient, foraged from the hedgerows and towpaths.

We make a lot of our produce on ‘Wand’ring Bark‘, the motor boat, and use our butty as a pop up market stall at canal festivals. There was only one name for that: ‘The Jam Butty‘! Continue reading