Floored by flu

Barry and I pride ourselves in being fit and healthy. When I was employed, my sickness record rarely had a mark on it. So when Barry was struck down a couple of weeks ago, hardly able to lift his head never mind leave the boat, I knew it was bad. I soldiered on stubbornly, and kept our shop going – until last Friday when the little critter also overwhelmed me!

Thankfully by then Barry was through the worst, so we tagged each other and he took over.

Hacking coughs, aching all over (Barry says even his hair hurt at one stage!), extreme tiredness, sore throats; you name it this vivacious virus certainly made its mark. Needless to say despite my reticence at having a flu jab, I’m now seriously considering doing so next year. Continue reading


A short and slightly scary stay in Handsacre …

Since early October we’ve been successful in our choice of fourteen day moorings. Until this week …

Actually that’s not strictly accurate. The moorings, as always, are Barry’s choice. Not mine. So the ‘we’ is stretching the truth a little. Geography, especially of the UK Inland Waterways, is not one of my strengths.

Handsacre appeared to be the closest location to our Lichfield based Calendar Club shop, according to Barry. Sadly in practice it’s been the worst location so far for us. Nothing against the place. But … Continue reading