Adventures Aboard AreandAre


It’s difficult to adequately describe the sense of freedom and relief Barry and I have felt for the past three days. You’ll have gathered that the truck finally arrived two and a half hours late to collect the eight loaded pallets that had been our Calendar Club shop. It took over an hour to complete the task (a story I shan’t elaborate on here), and we fell wearily into bed sometime after… Read More

This week’s Trading Tale features a couple who’ve been greatly missed on the cut so far this year. Sometimes life throws us a curved ball and we take time to readjust and refocus. We’re hoping to see them at the three events they currently have scheduled in September … Introducing Helen and Andy What’s the name of your boat, and what business do you run from it? We make and sell preserves… Read More

One of the reasons we changed to WordPress from Blogspot, was to source an improved showcase for Barry’s images. However, regular readers will know we often wait a wee while to see these.  It takes a modicum of patience, and anticipation, of him finding the right time to download his camera’s SD card onto his computer, then check and edit the chosen images. He’s a busy boy you know, keeping on top of… Read More