A brief breathing space to blog again …

It’s been a crazy year so far. Travelling to Nigeria, Northmoor and New Zealand in the space of three months has been incredible.

It does now mean we’re a quarter of the way through already – time flies when you’re having fun!

I recently spoke to a couple of people in their 70s, who are still gainfully employed. One of them full-time. They revealed to me that not working wasn’t really an option for them. They couldn’t comprehend what on earth they’d ‘do’ with their time in the space that would be open to them.

I’m thankful that’s not a problem I/we have.

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Making the most of Middlewich FAB Festival

There’s something magical about the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival that impels us to return each year. Having not booked for 2016 as we’d planned to be on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, we were relieved to sneak in on a late cancellation.

After another long journey, this time from Liverpool, we arrived late afternoon on Thursday, greeted by the lovely Heather from The Fudge Boat who met us at ‘The Big Lock’.

We’ll unashamedly admit this is one of our favourite festivals. The whole town seems to embrace the event, and we see and meet an abundance of friendly, happy people.

The line of trade boats extends from the bridge in town to the Big Lock. There was a long waiting list of traders wanting to come, such is the interest in this colourful and fun event. Continue reading

Family on board from Winsford to Manchester

We easily survived the four long days of travelling at 3 mph last week, in anticipation of Barry’s fabulous itinerary for my younger sister Viv and her husband Ray.

It’d been almost three years since they stayed on board together, due to a variety of reasons like their wedding at Bath last February.

Early on Thursday, moored up at a ‘flash’ in the countryside, Barry peeked through a porthole and couldn’t resist stepping out onto the stern for an early misty morning shot – it was a good job we were the only boat around, and there were no crack-of-dawn walkers, as his night attire is basically a birthday suit!

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