Last day for Lichfield Calendar Club till October

It’s finally arrived. Our penultimate day trading here at The Three Spires Shopping Centre. We’ve had a busier week than expected since New Year’s Day which is a brilliant bonus. Barry had a day off on Thursday to move us to Branston, so we’re now heading in the direction we’ll be mindfully meandering during the coming weeks and months.

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A crazy Christmas with RCTA and Calendar Club

The Roving Canal Traders Association Floating Christmas Market finished on Sunday, after nine days of trading. I suspect that’s a record that will be hard to beat!

Jenny and I made it to The Mailbox in time for the Radio WM breakfast show (you can listen in to the show by clicking this link, Jenny is 19.30 minutes in – but only for another 25 days!). It was touch and go for a while, as the security person was invisible and we almost left thinking we’d gone to the incorrect entrance. Fortunately the show producer, Dean, found us in time and let us in.

As previously promised, here’s Auntie Wainwright’s last two days of reflections on the Floating Market and the SIFA Fireside table (it’s very uplifting to read what occurred on Sunday) … Continue reading

Surrounded by Christmas Shopping

Barry and I haven’t engaged with Christmas shopping for some years now, unsurprisingly it doesn’t feature on our ‘essential spending’ list! Years ago, when my children were growing up and we were surrounded by close family, I found aspects of the festive season enjoyable.

However, we’re keenly aware there’s no escaping the craziness of Christmas here in the western world. Whether we like it or not, we also have to sustain ourselves financially – and this year we’re caught up marketing and selling to all those people who DO love and actively participate in the festive season.

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