Adventures Aboard AreandAre


“So what else happens in Middlewich during the year?” I asked a customer last weekend. “Not a lot“, was the amused response. I’m not sure I believe them. The town has always had a friendly and welcoming feel, whenever we’ve visited. This was our fourth Folk and Boat (that’s where the FAB comes from in case you didn’t know) Festival in Middlewich. And it was full to the brim of magic and… Read More

I’m frequently in awe of those prolific bloggers who manage to write, edit and publish a post a day – at the moment even a post a week feels out of reach. Apologies readers, there’s so much going on in our lives, that blogging’s slipped down the list of priorities. Dad went into a residential home for some ‘respite care’ on 5th June, during which time I snatched a few wonderful, fun… Read More