Third time lucky for The Ribble Link!

It’s getting a tad confusing catching up and posting our journeys – for us, never mind you the reader! Do bear with us while we attempt to. You’ll soon realise, due to the nature of circumstances around this time, that both Barry and Sandra have shared the writing, though the photography’s all Barry’s apart from a couple of wedding ones …

A diversion to Lichfield

Sandra left Areandare on Wednesday 9th May for her sister Katherine’s 60th celebrations, while Barry continued to Parbold, then caught a train to the surprise 60th in Lichfield, returning to Areandare with Sandra on Sunday 13th May. Our diary in May was already chock-a-block with boating and family events. Continue reading

One month has passed already …

It’s difficult to comprehend that it’s been exactly a calendar month since I was informed that mum had been found in the evening of Monday 14th May, dead at home, after seeming perfectly fine that morning and lunchtime.

Areandare has since then travelled from Tarleton, across the Ribble Link, all the way to the end of the Lancaster Canal, and almost back again. We even ventured to Glasson Docks for a couple of nights. We’ve also been down to Exeter for a family wedding, and spent a fair amount of time together at mum’s house sorting things that have to be sorted after both parents have passed away. It’s a sad and reflective time, though there are also many gratitudes emerging. Continue reading

Crew found! All appendages crossed for a safe third time lucky journey tomorrow

The wonders of the blogosphere aye? Thank you to Twitterland too, from where friends said they would have jumped at the chance had they been in the country. And then a lovely Tweeting lady offered – simultaneously friends from when we moored at Tattenhall Marina phoned Barry directly and offered their services.

So hurrah! We’re sorted. Barry can smile again (he was bereft!).

Thank you Andy and Liz.

I’ll be flying to Minorca as they’re cruising across the Ribble Link, and I’ll meet up with Barry in Lancaster on Tuesday 5th June.