Barry’s Favourite Images of 2016 Part One

Barry’s a little late posting his favourite images this year, due to other commitments. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait – I’m excited to be revisiting the memories all the amazing places we visited in 2016.

Over to Barry …

Areandare’s 2016 pictorial journey begins 


Early January saw the only snowfall we had on the boat for the winter at Handacre on the Trent & Mersey

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Trading Tales – The Beverage Boat and Phoenix Gifts

For a variety of reasons, you may’ve formed an impression that most people living and trading on the Inland Waterways are in a fairly ‘senior’ age bracket. As in not quite ready (or old enough!) to retire. Like Barry and I.

Actually, when you think about it, that’s an anomaly as my theory is you have to be ’employed’ to retire …

Traders have made a conscious choice, at whatever age they may be, to turn their backs on the busy-ness and pressure of ‘mainstream/expected’ lifestyles.

Consequently, this week for our sixth Trading Tale, you’ll discover a heartwarmingly brave and adventurous young family who’ve shunned the ‘rat race’, and the overpowering nature of most 21st century school systems, to make a different life for themselves and their children (two bubbly boys, and a growing addition on the way  …) Continue reading