A brief breathing space to blog again …

It’s been a crazy year so far. Travelling to Nigeria, Northmoor and New Zealand in the space of three months has been incredible.

It does now mean we’re a quarter of the way through already – time flies when you’re having fun!

I recently spoke to a couple of people in their 70s, who are still gainfully employed. One of them full-time. They revealed to me that not working wasn’t really an option for them. They couldn’t comprehend what on earth they’d ‘do’ with their time in the space that would be open to them.

I’m thankful that’s not a problem I/we have.

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Reflecting on 2016’s highs and lows on and off NBAreandare

Is it just me, or is it normal to feel the older one gets, the faster time seems to fly?

I suspect 2016 will be a year that goes down in history as one of immense and irreversible change, for a multitude of reasons. It also brought a few challenges to Barry and I in our lives less ordinary aboard Areandare, as well as many more magical memories. I’ll certainly be happy to welcome 2017 – I have high hopes for it to be amazing.

In January we left Mercia Marina earlier than expected. Having been invited to take up a trade mooring for the winter; the income we made there only just paid for the monthly morning charge. Consequently this winter we chose to remain ‘on the cut’  – and of course we’ve both been working in kinda ‘proper’ jobs too … Continue reading

What a difference a year makes – last day in New Zealand

I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to have had this amazing opportunity to bring my mum back to New Zealand to remember dad on the anniversary of his death. They both came to visit me here in March 2002, on my first adventure, so we have many precious memories of fun and happy times.

Mum has blossomed – she seems ten years younger with the constant company, magical memories and of course we’ve been extremely blessed with blue skies and warm sunshine almost daily. Continue reading