Adventures Aboard AreandAre


Having taken up the invitation of a trade mooring at Mercia Marina in the winter of 2015, we got to know the office staff there quite well. Barry more than me which is just how it is while I’m a regular member of the ‘sandwich’ generation and consequently often absent from Areandare. Once we left in January 2016, the idea of holding a ‘Floating Market’ there was postulated. Tony Preston and I… Read More

Mercia Marina Floating Market May 2015

Returning to Mercia Marina last week, for their first Floating Market, produced many more magical memories for us. Shortly after mooring up on the trade boats pontoon, at almost the same spot we spent November and December 2015, there was a knocking at the canalside kitchen window. We like to believe the playful swan  attracting our attention was the same one we got to know last year. She saw us and wanted to… Read More

Male tufted duck

I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging here for a few weeks while Barry’s been posting his favourite photos of 2015 – hopefully he’ll be taking heaps more images in 2016 to delight you. It’s been an interesting experience having a fixed trading mooring at Mercia Marina – an opportunity we’re very happy we embraced.