Recuperating, farewells, flooring and retreating!

It’s difficult to adequately describe the sense of freedom and relief Barry and I have felt for the past three days. You’ll have gathered that the truck finally arrived two and a half hours late to collect the eight loaded pallets that had been our Calendar Club shop. It took over an hour to complete the task (a story I shan’t elaborate on here), and we fell wearily into bed sometime after midnight.

Tuesday wasn’t seen until around 10am. Total bliss!

I’d love to say we’ve rested since then and will do for the foreseeable future. In many ways we have, and we will. The challenge is there’s now so much to catch up on before we begin our travels east, north, west and north! And to be honest resting isn’t as exciting as being adventurous and living as if today could be the last day … Continue reading

Packed up and waiting …

The day I’ve been excitedly anticipating whilst simultaneously dreading is almost over.

The Lichfield Calendar Club shop is all packed onto pallets waiting for the truck to arrive and take them away on their journey down to HQ in Exeter.

What a mammoth task!

Thankfully we had three amazing helpers – Tony, Jules and Pete. Thank you dear friends, couldn’t have managed without you.

We were also blessed by a number of our lovely Lichfield regulars who stopped by to say ‘farewell for now’ during the day. We’ll be back in October if all goes to plan.

Still a way to go hours after starting the dismantling process …

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Last day for Lichfield Calendar Club till October

It’s finally arrived. Our penultimate day trading here at The Three Spires Shopping Centre. We’ve had a busier week than expected since New Year’s Day which is a brilliant bonus. Barry had a day off on Thursday to move us to Branston, so we’re now heading in the direction we’ll be mindfully meandering during the coming weeks and months.

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