Third time lucky for The Ribble Link!

It’s getting a tad confusing catching up and posting our journeys – for us, never mind you the reader! Do bear with us while we attempt to. You’ll soon realise, due to the nature of circumstances around this time, that both Barry and Sandra have shared the writing, though the photography’s all Barry’s apart from a couple of wedding ones …

A diversion to Lichfield

Sandra left Areandare on Wednesday 9th May for her sister Katherine’s 60th celebrations, while Barry continued to Parbold, then caught a train to the surprise 60th in Lichfield, returning to Areandare with Sandra on Sunday 13th May. Our diary in May was already chock-a-block with boating and family events. Continue reading


Farnhill to Skipton

It’s at times like this I wonder why on earth we put ourselves under pressure to blog regularly about our journeys on the Inland Waterways of UK. This year, despite making a conscious choice to let go of trading at festivals (though we may do a few in September), our itinerary is chocka-block. We never intended it to be this way – and we’re not complaining. We have an extraordinary amount of events to be at and family and friends coming to stay, and it simply makes it rather more challenging to sit and write, and edit, and publish.

However … We’re aware a great many people read this blog. We also know a fair few have been, and continue to be, so inspired by our stories that it helps them make changes in their life. We had such a comment left on our last post (see in the comments at the end), which spurred us on with renewed energy and enthusiasm. ¬†And we also know how much we love reflecting back on places we’ve been, people we’ve seen, and adventures we’ve had. We frequently dip back into our ‘NB Northern Pride‘ blog from 2009 to 2014, and suspect that in our dotage, we’ll be fondly remembering and reminiscing on all the amazing memories from these years of travel. Continue reading

Saltaire to Farnhill, via the Bingley Staircase Locks, and signs of spring at last!

I’m not a winter person, especially of the British type! The past six months have felt more severe than I can previously recall, with an intensity of unremitting cold, damp and more than our normal share of frost and snow. Undoubtedly it’s a trait we’re known for, complaining about the weather – but it’s hard not to! Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we saw some fleeting signs of warmer days. The leaves have burst forth freshly on the trees and hedgerows. Unfortunately the three fine days were swiftly followed by a return to the dreariness and lowered temperatures.

Our journey on the Leeds Liverpool Canal was now taking us up into the Yorkshire Dales, and the scenery became even more spectacular as we travelled further towards Skipton. Continue reading

Leeds to Kirtkstall and an Abbey visit

By the time we arrived at Leeds River Lock just after lunch on Tuesday 10th April (I had a bit of last-minute shopping to attend to in the morning!), the level gauge was well on the ‘red’ and the river was closed to navigation. Not even any Water Taxi’s running. The flow was swift turning the tight corner into the lock entrance.

Continue reading