Timely extra special evidence from C&RT and ‘YOURS’ for Barry’s visa application

It doesn’t take a genius to recognise our living and working circumstances are a little outside the ‘norm’.

As ‘Continuous Cruisers‘, living aboard a 60 foot long, six-foot ten inches wide narrowboat, we’re not terribly conducive to ticking boxes exercises.

Both being self-employed, running three quite different businesses, only adds to the complexity for those in authority comparing us to the confines of their checklists.

Despite these challenges, we’re determined to persevere with our life less ordinary here in the United Kingdom … Continue reading

Floating Market Fun in Fazeley Followed by a Photo Shoot

I’m loving gathering information for our weekly ‘Trading Tales’ feature – we’ll publish a new one every Friday at 12 midday, as long as I’m given stories to share. You won’t be surprised to hear the inaugural post by fun-loving Heidi and The Pirate Boat  was rather popular!

With the season now in full swing, last weekend saw our first Roving Canal Traders Association Floating Market of 2016 at Fazeley.

A magnificent fourteen trade boats lined the towpath to showcase their goods on sale. From plants to pens, coffee and cake to candles, antiques to angora cardigans (actually I’m not certain of that last one’s accuracy, but there were definitely knitted baby clothes!), and heaps more. A vast array of delights for inquisitive visitors to pontificate on. Continue reading

Trading Tales – The Pirate Boat

It’s an exciting time to be running a business on a boat. Like us, an increasing number of people are finding ways of daring to live differently; downsizing, decluttering and moving onto the waterways with the aim of making a living whilst cruising the cut.

As promised in a recent post, following a request from Canal and River Trust and their Humans of the Waterways team, we’re going to be sharing some fascinating stories about floating traders on the blog. To date only three traders stories have featured The Humans of the Waterways, ours being one of them (more on that to come).

Via a ‘Floating Traders’ Facebook page, we’ve asked other waterway businesses if they’d be happy to share a piece of their journey.

Here’s the first to send us their Trading Tale (she gets a chocolate fish, a New Zealand form of reward for a job well done. Only I can’t find any in UK, so if someone could send one …). Continue reading