Catch up time! Goole to Leeds

It’s the same old story, loving our chosen life has come before writing blogs and editing photographs to accompany the posts! We haven’t forgotten you all though and we’re getting on the case again despite being just over two weeks behind …

Firstly we’ll take you back to Goole and Barry’s journey from there to Leeds, with a few minor hiccoughs on the way.

Over to Barry and his ingenious photography and wise quips …

Leaving Goole with a view back towards the port

Leaving Goole with a view back towards the port

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Doncaster to Goole with stand-in first mate Fred aboard

After seeing me safely off at Doncaster station on Wednesday 28th March, Barry found himself with a bit of time to kill waiting for Fred to join him for his long anticipated journey to Goole. He’d not been able to get there via the tidal Trent, but achieved it the long way round!

It’s great for me to see the images below, and get to see what they saw that I missed! Barry even writes about their travels … Continue reading

Further thought and research required regarding Goole!

Did you notice how nonchalantly I slipped in we’d be travelling all the way to Goole in the previous post? And that originally I’d mentioned visiting Sheffield in the same sentence as Lincoln – before Goole?


Unsurprisingly Barry did!

Geography has never been a strength of mine. Especially of the Inland Waterways. Being off the boat almost as much as on over the past almost five years, planning and navigating our cruising route has become very much a ‘blue job’.

Admittedly, the concept of returning to the tidal Trent is something I’ve consciously not delved into too deeply – until the past few days. A couple of comments on Facebook and here nudged me to consider it further. An unsettled night’s sleep on Sunday re-lived the experience of finally entering Keadby Lock after our initial attempt involved a crash into the nearby wall. Continue reading