My first birthday without a mum in the world

I’ve wanted to write this tribute for many months. Unashamedly there follows a rather extensive post, one of the longest I’ve ever published. I suspect few people will reach the end of it. However, it’s important for me to share these stories, for our library of memories. Who knows, there may just be a snippet of something you’ll find useful too …

Celebrating the gifts

Five years and two months after Barry and I returned to England, I was heartbroken to become motherless.

Today, Friday 28th September 2018, I begin my 60th year on this planet, and shall be celebrating the gifts of three incredible women who nurtured me as loving mothers do. Each in their own special way. I’ll also acknowledge how incredibly fortunate I’ve been to love, and be loved, by these magnificent matriarchs. Continue reading


A brief breathing space to blog again …

It’s been a crazy year so far. Travelling to Nigeria, Northmoor and New Zealand in the space of three months has been incredible.

It does now mean we’re a quarter of the way through already – time flies when you’re having fun!

I recently spoke to a couple of people in their 70s, who are still gainfully employed. One of them full-time. They revealed to me that not working wasn’t really an option for them. They couldn’t comprehend what on earth they’d ‘do’ with their time in the space that would be open to them.

I’m thankful that’s not a problem I/we have.

Continue reading

What a difference a year makes – last day in New Zealand

I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to have had this amazing opportunity to bring my mum back to New Zealand to remember dad on the anniversary of his death. They both came to visit me here in March 2002, on my first adventure, so we have many precious memories of fun and happy times.

Mum has blossomed – she seems ten years younger with the constant company, magical memories and of course we’ve been extremely blessed with blue skies and warm sunshine almost daily. Continue reading

Sun in the south and snow in the north

It’s hard to imagine a more striking┬ácontrast than the differing weather Barry and I are currently experiencing.

In Gisborne, NZ, the temperature is in the high twenties, in the midlands in UK, I believe it’s hitting a number of minuses. Barry sent me a few snowy shots so I thought I’d share them here … Continue reading