Feeling a little over exposed on Areandare

Apologies to readers who erroneously thought they’d find a blog post all about Saltaire yesterday! I’m away at mum’s till tomorrow, without my laptop charger, so drafted the post yesterday morning before my battery died. I asked Barry to work his magic on it before I return tomorrow, and he accidentally pressed ‘publish’ rather than ‘save draft’! He soon realised and reverted the post to draft, but WordPress had already published the link to Twitter, Timblr, and of course anyone signed up by email. He just thought he’d whet your appetite… Continue reading

A few bonuses at Burton Floating Market 

I’m posting this a week late as I got waylaid last week travelling to mum’s to sort out a few things – I’m there again now after a fabulous weekend at Mercia Marina. More on that to come, hopefully before the next event on Saturday!

Doing our best in Burton

Splendid scenery surrounded us all weekend at the Burton Floating Market in Shobnall Fields on 13th and 14th May. Sadly the crowds stayed away – the challenge with this location is its seclusion it seems!

Hidden amongst a mass of urbanisation, we’d tried as The Roving Canal Traders Association to promote the event locally as much as possible. Local papers and radio for some reason didn’t engage with us as they have magnificently in other areas recently.

The people who did hear about us and came to check us out seemed to love us. There was a huge variety of traders. Probably one of the largest RCTA organised this year at 15 trade boats – and of course Funtastic Facepainting. Continue reading

Blisworth to Birmingham with The Doggie Boat

We had a second brilliant weekend at the Blisworth Canal Festival last weekend. The people of the village and surrounding areas, who arrive in their throngs, are extremely friendly and jovial.

It didn’t begin too well when Barry and I took my gazebo to the festival field to erect it on the Friday evening. The wind was howling and it was soon obvious that putting it up would be a challenge, never mind leaving it overnight without it blowing away!

So we returned on Saturday morning. To a similar problem. There were tears of stress as I saw that in the position I’d been given (which ordinarily would be perfectly fine as it was right where everyone could see me), there was literally a gale driving up the field and threatening to destroy the gazebo whilst I was painting someone’s face. Memories of the conditions in Bugsworth Basin at Easter resurfaced … Continue reading