Adventures Aboard AreandAre


I’m posting this a week late as I got waylaid last week travelling to mum’s to sort out a few things – I’m there again now after a fabulous weekend at Mercia Marina. More on that to come, hopefully before the next event on Saturday! Doing our best in Burton Splendid scenery surrounded us all weekend at the Burton Floating Market in Shobnall Fields on 13th and 14th May. Sadly the crowds… Read More

There’s something very special about this small town; it has a most endearing feel. Having spent a fair amount of time here since 1998, when my mum and dad relocated from Sutton Coldfield, I’ve got to know its nooks and crannies rather well. Every time we came back for a holiday from New Zealand we’d stay here. Now we’re Floating Traders, so subsequently having experienced the town and its people as such… Read More

What a fun experience facepainting (mostly) adults at an evening wedding reception in Leamington Spa on 30th July. I’m so thankful I took the plunge to build ‘Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra‘, an artistic talent I hadn’t realised I was capable of. Barry came along as my line-manager and supporter, and of course helper to carry the necessary supplies for the job on the twenty-minute walk from canal to venue. Actually it turned… Read More