Sandwiched between mum, Fazeley and Minorca! 

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me – nothing new there I hear you thinking!

Maybe it’s recently felt even more so than normal, or the intensity’s increasing as it’s our busy trading season – and this year I’ve an additional three voluntary roles with the Roving Canal Traders Association to keep on top of.

In the course of the past few weeks my elderly Mum’s ability to care for herself has diminished somewhat. My three sisters and I have, for the past four years now, done our best to support dad and mum by one of us being with them for a couple of days each week. After dad’s death in February 2015, we’ve continued this presence to keep her spirits up. It may have been a good plan to move her nearer to one of her daughters, but she was adamant she wished to stay in her home, as is her absolute right. I spent the majority of time for the two weeks prior to our Floating Market in Fazeley with mum, doing my utmost to secure as much support for her as possible. Continue reading


Floating Market Fun in Fazeley Followed by a Photo Shoot

I’m loving gathering information for our weekly ‘Trading Tales’ feature – we’ll publish a new one every Friday at 12 midday, as long as I’m given stories to share. You won’t be surprised to hear the inaugural post by fun-loving Heidi and The Pirate Boat  was rather popular!

With the season now in full swing, last weekend saw our first Roving Canal Traders Association Floating Market of 2016 at Fazeley.

A magnificent fourteen trade boats lined the towpath to showcase their goods on sale. From plants to pens, coffee and cake to candles, antiques to angora cardigans (actually I’m not certain of that last one’s accuracy, but there were definitely knitted baby clothes!), and heaps more. A vast array of delights for inquisitive visitors to pontificate on. Continue reading