Adventures Aboard AreandAre


We had our seven-year-old grandson for a sleep-over while in Birmingham last weekend. I’d taken the train to Shrewsbury on Saturday to meet him and Lisa and bring him back – and the opposite on the Sunday. We walked to the ThinkTank Science Museum in the afternoon and had tremendous fun in their Science Garden – and it’s free from 3pm to 5pm daily. They even had a model canal lock to play with…. Read More

I promised a part two of Barry’s photos last week, then got a little caught up with travelling and sorting for our first, full-on working weekend from Areandare. As you read this pre-scheduled post, I’ll be safely ensconced in Malpas with my daughter and two gorgeous giggling grandsons. Barry will be on the boat, having travelled back up the Farmer’s Bridge Locks. I’m hopeful someone will be there to assist him. I… Read More

A young male in his early twenties recently confided to me how much he yearns to travel to the other side of the world. While he has some sketchy plans for 2015, he’s wary of what may happen if he steps too far from his comfort zone. Wow! I had no idea what such a concept even was at that age. Actually, looking back, there was little that could be described as ‘comfortable’ during that… Read More