Continuing to discover ways to sustain our flexible floating lifestyle

It may seem to some readers we spend most of our time enjoying ourselves. Together, with family, and with friends.

True, life in the Teutenberg/Walsh boathold (no household here!) it’s vastly different to the majority of people in our peer group. However, we are NOT retired. Barry has another two and half years to go; Sandra just over eight.

We do not, and neither of us ever have, rely on any form of public funds (i.e. state benefits). We DO have a small savings buffer as we’ve both ‘worked’ in the usual way for over 35 years each in our chosen professions. We have our boat, NB Areandare. Continue reading

A time of interesting journeys

It’s been a while since I’ve written – apologies for my/our absence on the blog.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been avoiding writing a post – things went a little awry recently, and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to work through the fog and begin to see things clearly again …

Life consistently brings twists, turns, and unexpected challenges to us all. It’s the meaning we take from these, and the changes in direction we choose, that makes a difference to our future.

I’m aware I’m waffling a little, as I consider the words to publish as an update. Continue reading

Grandchildren gorgeousness, festival fun, and meeting The Modern Maori Quartet in Brighton

Last Monday, 31st May, I abandoned Barry (again!) in Manchester to continue his solo journey up to Eldonian Village, a short distance from Liverpool.  This may evoke in you a tinge of sympathy on his behalf.

Or maybe a slight feeling of envy that he’s boating alone and happy as a pig in the proverbial?

Joking aside, he assures me he loves it, so you can let go of wanting me to feel guilty.

Actually that’s more like me talking to myself!

Yeah okay, I’ve let it go. I know he sort of misses me occasionally, especially at mealtimes when he’s forced to cook for himself … Continue reading