Adventures Aboard AreandAre


“So what else happens in Middlewich during the year?” I asked a customer last weekend. “Not a lot“, was the amused response. I’m not sure I believe them. The town has always had a friendly and welcoming feel, whenever we’ve visited. This was our fourth Folk and Boat (that’s where the FAB comes from in case you didn’t know) Festival in Middlewich. And it was full to the brim of magic and… Read More

St Giles House

Last Monday, 31st May, I abandoned Barry (again!) in Manchester to continue his solo journey up to Eldonian Village, a short distance from Liverpool.  This may evoke in you a tinge of sympathy on his behalf. Or maybe a slight feeling of envy that he’s boating alone and happy as a pig in the proverbial? Joking aside, he assures me he loves it, so you can let go of wanting me to… Read More