A calm Christmas followed by a terrifying tyre trauma

For our first day off together since Monday 2nd October, all we wanted to do was chill. And we succeeded brilliantly!

Christmas Eve being a Sunday helped. We shut up the shop at 4pm on the dot, and began the transformation in readiness for the Boxing Day and beyond sale to commence. Two hours later we headed to mum’s in Ombersley.

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Four weeks in …

It’s unbelievably over a quarter of the way through our fourteen weeks being Self Employed Operators at our Calendar Club shop – time sure flies when you’re having fun!

We’re getting into the swing of it now, and managing to share the pressure of being open seven days a week. The challenge for me is making sure I get time off for me, as I also want to continue spending time with my dear mum and grandsons.

Selling calendars, diaries, notebooks, mugs, jigsaws, etc is rather pleasurable to be honest. No lives can be lost. We get to chat amiably to a variety of people – young and old, rich and poor (admittedly Lichfield is quite an affluent area, but it still has its share of people less fortunate), happy, and struggling to smile. Continue reading

A most unexpected and scary sinking feeling

Despite the intense commitment required to staff our Calendar Club store seven days a week, after nine days of trading we’re (mostly!) loving it. Being Self-Employed Operators, earning on a commission basis, means you’re intensely motivated to making your shop the best it can possibly be.

We’re extremely thankful to have such a fabulous location. Lichfield is a gorgeous Cathedral City, and from experience so far the locals adore Calendar Club! There’s been frequent positive comments about how they’ve been waiting for us to come back, telling us where we were last year, and how they always buy their calendars from us annually.

Not what we wanted to see this morning …

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