Adventures Aboard AreandAre


Despite the intense commitment required to staff our Calendar Club store seven days a week, after nine days of trading we’re (mostly!) loving it. Being Self-Employed Operators, earning on a commission basis, means you’re intensely motivated to making your shop the best it can possibly be. We’re extremely thankful to have such a fabulous location. Lichfield is a gorgeous Cathedral City, and from experience so far the locals adore Calendar Club! There’s… Read More

We’d both forgotten what it’s like to have to ‘go to work’ every day – it’s been a while. Last year we each worked at Calendar Club outlets, but not full time. Having now completed our first seven days, and more than survived, we’re confident we can make running our shop a huge success.

You know what they say about the best laid plans? Well we’ve had to adapt and delay opening our shop. But only until tomorrow! We had 191 boxes of stock to check and put away yesterday. Barry and I. With Mathew for a few hours. Unsurprisingly it didn’t all get done, and we were given a day’s reprieve. Barry was collected by Pete at 7.30am this morning, for his day out to… Read More