Brilliant service and memories of Brighton

After my Boxing Day flat tyre fright, I’m delighted to report the car is back on the road – for now. We were recommended by both Darren the breakdown man, and my sister, to call Shenstone Tyres (Trade Tyre Services Midlands Ltd), who they informed me would come out to replace the tyre. I called them on Wednesday lunchtime, and they arrived first thing Thursday morning. I’d left Barry to be available for the car (in case any technical talk was necessary!), and I went to the shop. He said they were absolutely brilliant. Replaced the tyre (as well as cleaning some rust off from around the rim which he said may’ve been preventing the tyre from sealing well), pumped up the spare, and only charged £48. We were expecting a lot more. Continue reading

A Brilliant Birthday Break in Balmy Brighton

What a wonderful birthday week I’ve had – and it’s not yet over …

We’ve spent time with friends, and more money than we care to mention has been spent too, but boy you only live once and celebrating the anniversary of our narrowboat wedding and my birth day are priceless.

On our drive down to Hove, we slipped off the M40 to have lunch with dear friends Jenny and John on wedding anniversary. I was obviously so very ‘present’ there, I forgot to take ANY photos! It’s always great to enjoy the experience, and we most certainly did, but I do love to have tangible memories of special times too.

We’ve spent three gorgeous days and nights at my daughter Kim’s flat in Hove. It’s cosy, and  oh so spacious compared to our 60 foot long and six foot ten inches wide narrowboat. Sublime. Such a special treat to be away for a while, just the two of us. Continue reading

Grandchildren gorgeousness, festival fun, and meeting The Modern Maori Quartet in Brighton

Last Monday, 31st May, I abandoned Barry (again!) in Manchester to continue his solo journey up to Eldonian Village, a short distance from Liverpool.  This may evoke in you a tinge of sympathy on his behalf.

Or maybe a slight feeling of envy that he’s boating alone and happy as a pig in the proverbial?

Joking aside, he assures me he loves it, so you can let go of wanting me to feel guilty.

Actually that’s more like me talking to myself!

Yeah okay, I’ve let it go. I know he sort of misses me occasionally, especially at mealtimes when he’s forced to cook for himself … Continue reading