Adventures Aboard AreandAre


I’m shamelessly sharing other peoples words once again – this time is for a far worthier cause than helping people cure their hangovers! You’ll be aware, if you’re a regular reader, that currently Barry is being The Home Brew Boat sales person, and I’m being a Calendar Girl in both Tamworth (my winter job), and Merry Hill (Barry’s winter job!). So six days out the nine of the RCTA Christmas Floating Market… Read More

The Home Brew Boat in Birmingham

It’s no secret that we’ve grown rather fond of Birmingham. Increasingly more so since becoming accidentally enthralled by Peaky Blinders last year. We’d never heard of it prior to stumbling on some live filming at The Black Country Museum. Unaware why there were photographers and people bustling around the canal-side, and spotlights in the boatyard, Barry asked another spectator who informed him what the commotion was in aid of. Of course our interest was aroused… Read More

I’m Sorry! Just couldn’t keep it down to 50 images so you have to put up with a few more … After the Northampton festival we headed back towards the Birmingham area, which involved festivals at Netherton, then down to Huddlesford on the Coventry Canal and back up to Birmingham central for the RCTA Floating Market. We did spend a bit of time in Birmingham, so I took the opportunity to get… Read More