A Succession of Summer Visitors Part 3

After a long weekend in Ombersley sorting out some of mum’s, and our remaining ‘stuff’, we got back on board Areandare the evening of Monday 9th July. A mere two days later we were off again heading back to Lisa’s for the school run on Thursday 12th! Needless to say we extended the Enterprise car hire for the time we were both travelling down and up the country – it’s certainly not a cheap exercise.

By Friday 13th we were back on board, car returned, and ready to untie from Northwich to move leisurely along the River Weaver, and head back up the Anderton Boat Lift (Barry loves photographing this structure as you’ll see below), preparing to collect our next Kiwi guests the following day. Continue reading

A Succession of Summer Visitors Part 2

Our next round of planned kiwi guests arrived on Saturday 30th June for a three-night canal adventure. Deb and Graeme had spent the previous few weeks travelling around Europe, their main destination being a UK friend’s daughter’s wedding in Santorni. Fortunately when they arrived with us the weather in Manchester wasn’t too shabby after the sweltering heat of Greece!

Barry, as usual, was keen to ensure they experienced the delights of traveling through locks. This entailed us moving UP the Rochdale Nine on Friday 29th June, even though we weren’t heading that way at all, mooring at the summit (we’re fairly confident few people stay overnight at Piccadilly Basin, but we felt perfectly safe  nestled amongst the local characters and students), in order to descend the following day with them. They’d stayed in Leeds the previous night, and Gav and Helen brought them in their car and also stayed  for an overnighter. It’s quite a squeeze to fit six people on board as you can imagine – Barry and I slept in the ‘cupboard’ in the Boatman’s Cabin! Continue reading

Family on board from Winsford to Manchester

We easily survived the four long days of travelling at 3 mph last week, in anticipation of Barry’s fabulous itinerary for my younger sister Viv and her husband Ray.

It’d been almost three years since they stayed on board together, due to a variety of reasons like their wedding at Bath last February.

Early on Thursday, moored up at a ‘flash’ in the countryside, Barry peeked through a porthole and couldn’t resist stepping out onto the stern for an early misty morning shot – it was a good job we were the only boat around, and there were no crack-of-dawn walkers, as his night attire is basically a birthday suit!

Here’s the atmospheric scene … Continue reading