Just when you think you know what’s happening, life/the Universe/fate steps in to give you another challenge. As Robert Burns knowingly stated:

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry …”

We never got to the Cathedral Illuminated last night, so there’ll be no gorgeous photos from Barry to share. I am hoping to get a few snowy ones off him in the very near future though Phil, and anyone else hoping to see some.

Anyway, I digress … Read More


One of my favourite sayings is the serenity ‘prayer’. You know the one that says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and courage to change those I can.“? Last week’s weather was one of those events over which we have no control. At this time of year it was disastrous for many retailers. For us we lost sales and so consequently commission.

There was one clever chap though who’s worth mentioning. He was on the corner a short distance from our Calendar Club store, selling sledges last Sunday. And I’m pretty certain he sold them all. Kids were revelling in the white stuff, being pulled around and spinning joyously. Barry discovered he’d bought a job lot some years ago, and been waiting for this rare opportunity to get them out to make his money back – and a nice profit for his Christmas budget to boot! Marvellous entrepreneurial inspiration. I love it! Read More

In March 2013, when we first arrived in England ‘for the foreseeable future‘, the country had recently experienced an ‘unexpected’ heavy fall of snow. We headed as planned to the Lake District and our booked holiday home with my parents, sisters and brothers in law to celebrate mum’s 80th birthday. It was spectacularly beautiful. Even more so than that area normally is. Barry was in his element; ecstatic is putting it mildly.

At Lake Windermere with Barry in March 2013

This past week we’ve experienced similar weather conditions. Actually I’m fairly confident it was more severe. Breathtaking in some ways. Disastrous in others. Read More

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