Continuing to discover ways to sustain our flexible floating lifestyle

It may seem to some readers we spend most of our time enjoying ourselves. Together, with family, and with friends.

True, life in the Teutenberg/Walsh boathold (no household here!) it’s vastly different to the majority of people in our peer group. However, we are NOT retired. Barry has another two and half years to go; Sandra just over eight.

We do not, and neither of us ever have, rely on any form of public funds (i.e. state benefits). We DO have a small savings buffer as we’ve both ‘worked’ in the usual way for over 35 years each in our chosen professions. We have our boat, NB Areandare. Continue reading

Carnforth to Tarleton and many memories in between …

You guessed it! We’ve become way behind here once again …

The weather’s been amazing these past few weeks, so unsurprisingly sitting indoors writing blog posts hasn’t featured at the top of our ‘to action’ lists. We’ve also been enjoying hosting our first two sets of Kiwi visitors of 2018 on board, and sharing laughter and experiences with them along the wonders of the waterways.

We know many people are anticipating seeing images of our return journey on the Lancaster Canal, back to Tarleton via the Ribble Link on Sunday 17th June; it’s even more special as we had brand new friends on board! Continue reading

Our long awaited enchanting journey on the Lancaster Canal

Rather than our previously planned almost five weeks of pottering on this charming waterway, unexpected events dictated we’d instead experience just short of three weeks – from 29th May to 17th June.

When I say ‘we’, in reality Barry relished three days short of three weeks, while I managed to squeeze in a measly eight days. Was it worth it you may ask?

Of course! Every inland waterway in the UK is worth visiting. Needing some planning and booking (as we’ve discovered!) to access, this is unfortunately one of the ‘canals less travelled’ on the system – we feel it’s definitely worth going to of your way for. A bit like Barry’s home town of Gisborne – remote – but that may be one of the reasons it’s so serene and special! Continue reading