After my Boxing Day flat tyre fright, I’m delighted to report the car is back on the road – for now. We were recommended by both Darren the breakdown man, and my sister, to call Shenstone Tyres (Trade Tyre Services Midlands Ltd), who they informed me would come out to replace the tyre. I called them on Wednesday lunchtime, and they arrived first thing Thursday morning. I’d left Barry to be available for the car (in case any technical talk was necessary!), and I went to the shop. He said they were absolutely brilliant. Replaced the tyre (as well as cleaning some rust off from around the rim which he said may’ve been preventing the tyre from sealing well), pumped up the spare, and only charged £48. We were expecting a lot more. Read More


For our first day off together since Monday 2nd October, all we wanted to do was chill. And we succeeded brilliantly!

Christmas Eve being a Sunday helped. We shut up the shop at 4pm on the dot, and began the transformation in readiness for the Boxing Day and beyond sale to commence. Two hours later we headed to mum’s in Ombersley.

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Hurrah! I’ve managed to secure the snowy scenes Barry shot last week around Lichfield, in between selling calendars. Sadly he wasn’t able to get many images of the canals seeing as we’re mostly stationary at the moment.

Enjoy …

Areandare surrounded by snow at Hopwas, outside The Tame Otter

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