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Sandra: 07456001553

Barry: 07443456024


8 Comments on “Contact us

  1. My 59th today – tell Barry it’s not so bad! Body still reasonable, brain still functioning!


  2. I read your blog about Sarah Henshaw and ordered the book online. It’s just arrived so I’m looking forward to having a read.

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    • Hi Phil
      I’m about half way through mine, and was laughing out loud at breakfast-time reading about her antics on the Kennet and Avon when an older woman gave her a tongue lashing about being a solo boater as a female. It’s very cleverly written and most amusing. I know you’ll love it and it’ll bring back lots of happy memories for you both. Enjoy 😉


      • Sounds perfect for a Gizzy winter in front of the fire…although to be fair it’s been around 20 degrees here and a walk on the beach this morning was awesome! My last experience on the cut was the Trent and Mersey in pouring rain – and that was in July so you take what you get with the weather eh!

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    • Hi. No, we’ll be at the St Richards Festival in Driotwich. Chosen for two main reasons. One us that we’ll be trading with Helen and Andy who sell their Wild Side preserves, and two, because my parents live nearby so it’s a great opportunity to see them. We did consider Loughborough though, I’m sure it’ll be a great event 😉


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