Continuing to discover ways to sustain our flexible floating lifestyle

It may seem to some readers we spend most of our time enjoying ourselves. Together, with family, and with friends.

True, life in the Teutenberg/Walsh boathold (no household here!) it’s vastly different to the majority of people in our peer group. However, we are NOT retired. Barry has another two and half years to go; Sandra just over eight.

We do not, and neither of us ever have, rely on any form of public funds (i.e. state benefits). We DO have a small savings buffer as we’ve both ‘worked’ in the usual way for over 35 years each in our chosen professions. We have our boat, NB Areandare. Continue reading

A disappointing not Light Night in Nottingham

We last visited Robin Hood’s fair city in 2009, aboard Northern Pride. Friends arrived at the station to spend a long weekend with us – which for some reason I can’t recall, entailed moving swiftly through rather than  exploring the history and many delights of the area.

This time, Barry’s determined to take a better look around what’s on offer.

Refreshing Areandare’s Interior

We arrived Tuesday evening, spending the first couple of days thankfully catching up on a few things. Importantly Barry finished painting the walls of our lounge and kitchen (two coats on top of the undercoat already completed whilst I was away), and I hung our ‘newly made at mum’s’ (apart from the hems, a chore I dislike intensely!) curtains. I think it’s looking splendid; bright and colourful, and feel pleased how much more pleasant it now is than being completely surrounded by brown wood. Continue reading

A Calendar Club HQ opportunity grasped

It’s a fairly unique way of being self-employed working for/with Calendar Club. In the UK alone during the  2017/18 ‘season’, there were 279 outlets selling calendars, diaries, mugs, etc. under the CC banner.

There’s also Calendar Club set ups in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Altogether over 1,000 seasonable shops! It’s obviously a massive, extremely popular and successful specialist business. Their tag line is “The Best Selection of Calendars in the Known Universe“, and with over 3,500 titles in their warehouse I’ve no doubt this is absolutely true.

We had a ‘free’ morning on Tuesday last week, 30th January, and thought we’d see if a visit could be arranged to look around the Distribution Depot and Headquarters of the UK warehouse.

Our enquiry was met enthusiastically, and arranged over the phone prior to travelling to Cornwall. On our way back to Areandare, we easily found ‘Exe Box’, a ten minute drive from my sister’s home in Exeter … Continue reading