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Ice Breaking success and some rescheduling required

You’ll be pleased to know (if you’re ‘friends’ with me on Facebook you’ll probably already be aware), that Areandare, with lots of encouragement from Barry, broke through the ice above Bardney Lock yesterday morning. The other important news is that someone from The Environment Agency arrived just before we left, to take water samples. It’s likely that something as yet unknown killed all those fish – not the extreme temperatures. We’ve asked them to email us with their findings if at all possible.

We’d been informed by a passer-by before moving on, that the river was clear of ice to Lincoln from the lock – it most definitely was NOT! Maybe it’s difficult to see clearly from the walkway … Continue reading

Casualties caused by the current cold

The past few nights have been surreal. An eerie light emitted from a full moon generally leads to brightness, but when it’s magnified by the reflecting whiteness of a ground carpeted in snow, even complete cloud coverage makes it look almost like daytime. Having to get up at least once a night, as is the pattern of a post-menopausal women, does have its benefits!

Mother Nature has surpassed herself recently – though I suspect much of the recent extremes are more likely due to the instant gratification needs inherent in humans nowadays, and their unwitting quest to destroy the earth.

This morning we were greeted by the outlook of a thawing river, mostly flowing freely. What a relief! What wasn’t so welcome was the sight of occasional dead fish floating by. Continue reading