Two days later and a short explanation

I’m beginning to write this post exactly 48 hours after I received a shocking phone call. Barry and I had just left Areandare and were walking to the River Douglas to check it out before we went through Tarleton Lock at 10am on Tuesday morning, for our planned Ribble Link crossing.

From an unknown number, which I sometimes ignore – fortunately this time I chose to answer. It was a mobile number. A calm and kindly male voice was at the other end. His name was Edward. A paramedic. He ascertained who I was, and then broke the devastating news to me that my darling mum had been found dead at home by her evening carer. Continue reading


A steam train trip back to the Brontës

Barry frequently amazes me. His interest and knowledge of British history is astounding (good job as he’s got to pass a ‘Life in the UK‘ test soon!). Prior to arriving in Skipton he’d researched nearby places of interest, and came across the Brontë Parsonage Museum at Howarth. Knowing I love reading and writing, he suggested we visit – admittedly his keen-ness may have stemmed from the fact it involved a ride in a steam train. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway is part of the National network, taking passengers from Keighley to Oxenhope and back again.

Saturday 21st April was our window of opportunity. He’d discovered it was actually cheaper to get a ‘normal’ train from Skipton to Keighley, then link to the steam train there. It’s a hop on hop off journey, though in reality that’s only as good as the number of trains timetabled! The steam trains run at weekends, other times there’s heritage diesel trains – or maybe a vintage bus … Continue reading

Kirkstall to Shipley and a couple more friends on the way

We’re starting to get the hang of the frequent swing bridges now, as we head further west along the waterway. We’d planned on our next night’s mooring being at Rodley, and wanted to catch up with friends who lived nearby. It turned into a two-night stay so I could do some more work on board, and it suited Steph and Pete better to meet on the Thursday. After a bit of research, Barry found a nearby establishment with excellent reviews, ‘The Owl’, and we met there. Steph and I went to the same Senior school in Sutton Coldfield, in the 1970s, John Willmott (Grammar then) School. She stayed on in the sixth form, and became a teacher. I’d left after the fifth form and trained as a nurse in Kidderminster. We re-connected in 2009, when they visited us on board Northern Pride (when we DID get a mooring at Clarence Docks!), and we’ve had a few other meet-ups at various occasions since then. Continue reading