Tackling the Tidal Trent with a fresh First Mate

The vagaries of the British weather continue to cause complications for many. Minor ones only for us. Easily overcome and worked around.

A few weeks ago I’d hired a car from Enterprise Sheffield in advance. One of the not-insurmountable challenges of living on a narrowboat and continuously cruising, is taking a car with you is most inconvenient. Apart from the fact they’re expensive beasts, trying to find parking places every time you moor, or place-hopping and taking public transport to return to the boat, are not pastimes we wish to involve ourselves in. The winter debacle for Calendar Club was bad enough.

However, even booking public transport or hiring a car in advance proves interesting. One has to estimate where the boat is likely to be moored in a few weeks time. Sometimes we get it right. On this occasion we failed miserably. Continue reading


A VIF on board Areandare from Newark to Saxilby

Managing the more than 2,000 miles of Inland waterways of the United Kingdom must be a mammoth task. In 2009 and 2010, when we first ventured to live aboard a narrowboat and enjoy all these treasures, they were maintained by British Waterways (BW). In July 2012, the year before we returned, British Waterways was transformed into the Canal and River Trust (CRT); emerging as a Charity in July 2012.

Richard Parry took over the helm as Chief Executive in July 2013 (just a few months after we arrived ‘indefinitely’), to steer this new body forward. As with most things in life, you’ll never please all the people all the time. Many you’ll never please whatever you do, for whatever reason they decide. We’re all looking through our unique lens with a lifetime of differing viewpoints and perspectives.

Barry and I love Richard. From OUR experiences since that time. Hence the headline – he’s a VIP of course, in the real meaning of the word; but to us he’s a VIF – a Very Important Friend. Continue reading

Arguably one of the best views from a side hatch

It’s said if February is wet, there’s an increased chance of a fine summer. That’s reassuring as dampness pervades the air most days recently!

Yesterday’s journey from Gunthorpe to Newark was, according to our Nicholsons’ Guide (it’s an ancient edition mind you!), along one of the ‘prettiest’ stretches of the river. You could’ve fooled us!

Barry’s all wrapped up to keep the cold at bay – not sure he succeeded though, it was rather relentless, and this was before the pelting rain!

Flat and bleak – maybe we read the description incorrectly?

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