Summer Visitors part 4c – to Scotland and back

Reflecting back, I’m continually amazed we managed to fit in so much travelling and sightseeing with Barry’s elder brother Ray in just over three weeks. This post only covers five days as we head up to Scotland via the east of the country, and back down the west.

From Worcester, where we left the last post, we headed northwards on the idyllic Droitwich Canal. Once again, Ray worked the locks alone as I beavered away inside building a Google Ads account. We moored in the secure basin in the town, hoping to find a way to stay for five days. Sadly they’re only 48 hour moorings, and a call to CRT confirmed no leeway on this apart from emergencies. We were so grateful to CRT for supporting us remaining at Tarleton for a week or so, after mum died unexpectedly in May, so knew it was possible in such cases. We didn’t wish to blot our copybook by overstaying ‘illegally’. Continue reading

A succession of summer visitors part 4b trains, rock houses and a river

The main narrowboating portion of Ray’s experience with us, came between our time in London, and a week of travelling up and down the UK (quite literally! But that’s the next post …).

As always, Barry had planned a plethora of adventures to tittle Ray’s taste buds for England and all it offers. There were also a few impromptu experiences to share.

One of our challenges from welcoming so many visitors on board, is continuing to earn money while we travel and entertain. We’ve not been terribly successful at this venture in 2018 (unsurprisingly!), but we do have a number of options and opportunities we’re pulling together. Continue reading

A Succession of Summer Visitors Part 4a – London bound

Our summer kiwi visitors we’ve blogged about so far had booked their passage with us well in advance. Actually at least a year before their arrival. The next one wasn’t quite so planned. It also encompassed a great deal of places and people – leading to a number of blog posts to do the momentous occasion justice.

In March (I think!) this year, I spotted a Facebook post of Barry’s elder brother Ray, who lives in Barry’s hometown Gisborne in New Zealand. It announced his success in being pulled out of a draw for a place in ‘The Brompton World Championship‘. In all honesty I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about! As one does nowadays to acquire information, I Googled it. I discovered it was a race for owners of Brompton fold-up bikes, in London, in July. Continue reading