A Bostin time in Boston despite Stump and Windmill disappointments

We suspect few narrowboats venture as far east as Boston – especially during the harshness of the British winter. Since leaving Nottingham two weeks ago, we’ve only seen two other moving boats, each in quick succession, not far from Saxilby.

As we’re ticking off the few Inland Waterway routes we’ve NOT yet navigated (there’s not many left now), continuing onto the River Witham from Lincoln, as far as Boston, was bound to be on the list. Barry had been regaled with tales suggesting it was a pretty pointless place to visit; nothing to see there they said. Wrong! One evening in The Royal Oak, Tattershall Bridge, on his way there while I was with my daughter, Barry got chatting to one of the locals. He told me he’d told her the word Boston is a Black Country term for ‘brilliant’! Not quite Barry – it’s bostIn, not BostOn! That kiwi accent and interpretations of British accents, gets him into strife at times … Continue reading

Feeling the benefits of inserting a pause

I (mostly) love our life. The infinite variety, frequent uncertainty, and adventurousness we experience.

Occasionally it becomes overwhelming. Especially the recent 14 weeks non-stop working portion!

I’m confident 2018 promises to bring many gifts our way; I’m also anticipating a few challenges. Mum will be a cause for concern as her Alzheimer’s continues to take a tighter hold. The quagmire of organising the support she needs to keep her in her familiar surroundings is a veritable minefield – I’m managing to stop either of us getting blown to bits so far! Additionally we have the final application for Barry’s Spousal Sponsored UK Visa application to successfully navigate. He has to pass his ‘Life in the UK’ test, which I’m sure most British people wouldn’t. At least a 75% pass is required – though if he ‘fails’ he can continue to take it until he passes, at just £50 a time! He knows more about UK than I ever have or will, so I’m sure he’ll walk it easily.

We have to pay another ridiculous sum to apply for his right to stay in his wife’s country with her – and prove, for the third time, that we are a legitimate couple having now been that way for 12 years. It’s rather tiresome to be honest. Continue reading

A short and slightly scary stay in Handsacre …

Since early October we’ve been successful in our choice of fourteen day moorings. Until this week …

Actually that’s not strictly accurate. The moorings, as always, are Barry’s choice. Not mine. So the ‘we’ is stretching the truth a little. Geography, especially of the UK Inland Waterways, is not one of my strengths.

Handsacre appeared to be the closest location to our Lichfield based Calendar Club shop, according to Barry. Sadly in practice it’s been the worst location so far for us. Nothing against the place. But … Continue reading