LHCRT Our Chosen Charity Calendar for 2018

As self-employed operators for Calendar Club, we get the chance to choose to sell a charity calendar. Last year we contacted Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restorations Trust (LHCRT) to see if they had a calendar available. Unfortunately they didn’t. Shortly afterwards we were approached by a lovely lady asking if we’d sell Lichfield Calendars raising money for ‘The Pathway Project‘. We agreed as we both felt it was a most worthwhile cause.

This year, we’re tremendously excited that LHCRT have produced a calendar. And we’re proud to be selling it in our Lichfield Market Street Calendar Club shop. Rest assured readers that all proceeds go directly to LHCRT. Not a penny comes to us, or Calendar Club. Continue reading


Looking Fabulous and Loving Being Back in Lichfield

It’s been four days since we ‘birthed’ our Lichfield Market Street Calendar Club store, opening the doors to our first customers on Saturday 13th October. The pain of building the premises from a bare room to a fully functioning shop was definitely worthwhile.

We had a brilliant beginning. The shop floor heaved with customers eager to spend for most of the day, having had no problem finding us thank goodness despite us being in a different location to the past few years. Then again, it was a special weekend of ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ which would’ve helped sales!

So far all’s going smoothly, and we’re loving being back in Lichfield. We’ve already welcomed many previous customers, and a few more friends have surprised us with a visit to cheer us on.  Continue reading

Ready to open our Lichfield Calendar Club shop after a massive two days

The transforming of an empty space and turning it into a functioning shop is an incredible thing to witness. It’s full-on for two days, with a team of people helping the first day when the most effort is essential. It’s a painful process, leading to an amazing adventure.

We’re wondering occasionally if we’re completely crazy. Rather like being pregnant for the second time, having planned to be (any women reading who have two or more children are likely to understand). The pain of the first labour and birth suddenly flashes back at you, and you realise the enormity of what’s coming.

That’s rather dramatic I admit. But bear with me … Continue reading

All in place to start Lichfield Calendar Club

It’s been an interesting few weeks, doing all we can to get the best location for our Lichfield Calendar Club store.  Yesterday we heard everything’s been signed, and 34-36 Market Street is ours to run until January 2019.

It’s a in splendid position. Right next door to the Samuel Johnson Museum, near Greggs, and steps away from the buzzing Market Square. There’s regular markets held in the square all year round, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. selling all manner of fascinating things. Fridays is the ‘Farmers’ Market‘ selling wholesome locally-produced food and an excellent choice of hand-made arts and crafts. Continue reading

Three Fabulous Festivals of 2018

The Home Brew Boat first began trading at canal-related festivals in Droitwich April 2014. Over the following three years the cruising plan was primarily based around planned events from April through to October. This year we decided to make considerable changes. We felt our floating lives were becoming ‘same old’, and we were at risk of going back down the negative (as we see it) spiral of a ‘work routine’. The very idea!

We did, however, decide we’d return to familiar, friendly and fun festivals in the month of September –  for a variety of personal and business reasons, to trade Barry’s wares.  Continue reading