A Succession of Summer Visitors Part 4a – London bound

Our summer kiwi visitors we’ve blogged about so far had booked their passage with us well in advance. Actually at least a year before their arrival. The next one wasn’t quite so planned. It also encompassed a great deal of places and people – leading to a number of blog posts to do the momentous occasion justice.

In March (I think!) this year, I spotted a Facebook post of Barry’s elder brother Ray, who lives in Barry’s hometown Gisborne in New Zealand. It announced his success in being pulled out of a draw for a place in ‘The Brompton World Championship‘. In all honesty I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about! As one does nowadays to acquire information, I Googled it. I discovered it was a race for owners of Brompton fold-up bikes, in London, in July. Continue reading

A Succession of Summer Visitors Part 2

Our next round of planned kiwi guests arrived on Saturday 30th June for a three-night canal adventure. Deb and Graeme had spent the previous few weeks travelling around Europe, their main destination being a UK friend’s daughter’s wedding in Santorni. Fortunately when they arrived with us the weather in Manchester wasn’t too shabby after the sweltering heat of Greece!

Barry, as usual, was keen to ensure they experienced the delights of traveling through locks. This entailed us moving UP the Rochdale Nine on Friday 29th June, even though we weren’t heading that way at all, mooring at the summit (we’re fairly confident few people stay overnight at Piccadilly Basin, but we felt perfectly safe  nestled amongst the local characters and students), in order to descend the following day with them. They’d stayed in Leeds the previous night, and Gav and Helen brought them in their car and also stayed  for an overnighter. It’s quite a squeeze to fit six people on board as you can imagine – Barry and I slept in the ‘cupboard’ in the Boatman’s Cabin! Continue reading

A Succession of Summer Visitors – part 1

Once again it’s been a while since we posted. To be honest we’re considering stopping this blog, as we could possibly be portraying that life on the UK Inland Waterways is too amazing leading to everyone wanting to come and share a taste of it! Maybe we’ll start writing about the pitfalls instead of the pleasantness? Something to consider …

On the bright side it’s been amazing to have a preponderance of people discovering why we chose this way of life. A number of them may even decide to come and do something similar one day, they loved their experiences so much. Barry puts many hours into planning routes that provide as many delights as possible. Unsurprisingly working a few locks is always in there! Continue reading