About Barry and Sandra

Barry (Teutenberg) was born in Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand in 1955, living there all his life apart from 6 months in 1976 when he travelled to England with some friends and initially caught the ‘boating bug’ after spotting barges on the Norfolk Broads.

He ran a successful photography business for 35 years before selling it in 2008 to pursue his dream of travelling the waterways of Britain by narrowboat.  Having spent many years photographing weddings, schools, family portraits and commercial work, Barry loved nothing better than capturing the beauty of the canals and places along the way, taking the majority of the photos for the blog during 2009 and 2010.  In 2011 Barry opened up a ‘Home brew and more’ shop in Gisborne, New Zealand, using his extensive knowledge and experience to interact with his customers!  Barry sold the shop in September 2013.

Sandra (Walsh) was born at home in Shirley, Solihull, in 1959 and is a qualified nurse and midwife, having practised nursing and midwifery in a variety of roles and places for 35 years.  She fulfilled a long held dream and immigrated to New Zealand in January 2005, meeting Barry in January 2006 who subsequently persuaded her to return to England for six months in 2009 to buy a narrowboat!

6918_154997049272_575054272_2540715_6268751_n[6]Barry and Sandra married in 2009 – firstly in England on the roof of their narrowboat ‘Northern Pride’ in September, and then back in New Zealand on the beach in December.  Sandra chose to retain her maiden name and vice versa!  Barry and Sandra have four grown up children between them, two in NZ and two in UK – as well as two gorgeous grandsons in England.


Over two six-month periods in 2009 and 2010, Barry and Sandra travelled almost 2,000 miles on the waterways of England and Wales, following which they sold their beloved ‘Northern Pride’.

After much thought and planning, they sold up and packed, sold or gave away all their belongings, and returned to England on 20th March 2013 ‘indefinitely’, purchasing another narrowboat called ‘AREandARE’.  She’s 60′ 2″ long, with room for family and friends to come and visit, as well as space for Sandra and Barry to run their businesses.

Sandra’s had articles published in nursing and midwifery publications, the Reader’s Digest, Waterways World, and the Gisborne Herald Weekender, and is the author of the words of the blog posts.

In March 2013 Sandra completed a Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching with Life Coach Associates, Auckland, NZ, and coaches by Skype and phone, people looking to change something about their life in order to increase their sense and love of ‘self’, find more balance in their life, enhance personal happiness and fulfil their potential. She also writes a Life Coaching blog, and guests posts to other relevant publications, as well as writing about their narrowboat adventures.

Funtastic Facepainting at Fazeley

Funtastic Facepainting at Fazeley RCTA Floating Market

In the spring of 2014, she also set up a business as a Face-painter – ‘Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra‘ – and now has over has two years experience painting at canal festivals, land based events and children’s parties.

Barry set up a home brew supplies business from the boat, and built a magnificent website (The Home Brew Boat), and has had his photography published in Waterways World – with a scoop of their front cover page in June 2015! He also has a range of stunning waterways images on Greeting Cards and framed pictures.The Home Brew Boat at Fazeley May 2016
It’s all a work in progress following the first stage of his UK visa from 25th October 2013, and the second round in July 2016, with the culmination of the final Indefinite Leave to remain stage in October 2018.
Barry and Sandra are determined to make their chosen ‘alternative’ lifestyle sustainable …

6 Comments on “About Barry and Sandra

  1. Hi
    We are looking to spend more time relaxing and love the river boat concept.
    We are going to France in July to start looking
    Should we start in France or start in England?
    We won’t get to England this trip
    All I ask is a direction as to the best place to start looking, the best yard? in france.
    I am nor sure if you have spent time there b it assume with the experience you have generally you will have some ideas.


    • Hi Rod and Megan. Wow! That sounds exciting for you both.
      Unfortunately we have no idea about Boat Yards in France, or the European Canals in general really. It’s the British waterways that have appealed to Barry. There’s big differences between boating in UK and Europe. Your best bet is probably to start researching using the waterways magazines.
      We’re back in Gisborne in March, so maybe get in touch then and catch up for a coffee and chat with Barry? Send us an email and I can give you our contact details – barryandsandra@nbareandare.com 😉


  2. I am from Gisborne. My parents showed me that you are here. I live in warwickshire now. Where will you be over the weekend?


    • Kia ora Kerry

      How lovely to be in contact with another Gisbornite (not sure that’s a real word lol, but it sounds like it ought to be!).

      We’re currently at Merry Hill, in Brierly Hill, trading here this weekend at a Floating Market. Following that, we’ll be heading to Stourport for the weekend of 3rd/4th September. We’re remaining in the Birmingham area now until around April 2017, so not far from you. We’ve got festivals booked every weekend until early October.

      Do come and say hi when you can.
      Sandra & Barry 😉


  3. Great blog. I’m a Yorkshireman serving in NZ Army (18 years now). Actually reading this in Jakarta. Dreaming of retiring to my ski house in Ohakune AND narrowboat back in Blighty. Good luck with your travels!


    • Kia ora Andy, thank you for taking the time and trouble to comment, much appreciated. We loved our time in Yorkshire, magnificent scenery. Keep dreaming and imagining that ‘best of both worlds’, sounds pretty similar to my aspirations, though not sure if I’ll ever get Barry back to NZ! Don’t wait too long to manifest your dream life 😉


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