The ice-breaking video – not for the squeamish!

For those of you not ‘friends’ with me on Facebook, I’ve discovered we can publish videos here on the blog which is rather exciting!

Here’s Barry filming himself with his iPhone 4s, as he pushes Areandare encouragingly through the ice from Bardney Lock on Sunday morning …

And in case anyone’s wondering, yes, we’ve lost some blacking from our bottom – and will be considering booking in  somewhere before the year-end. But hey, what an adventure, we believe life is for living not sitting safely somewhere.


6 thoughts on “The ice-breaking video – not for the squeamish!

      • It was the best place to be inside, warm with a nice cup of tea. I did spend a couple of hours helping him and his daughter reverse back to the junction so he could turn and go back to Kings Bromley. The next day I looked out of my window and saw a defeated man, literally I could not leave him to his despair so went out togged up and helped him reverse back up three locks. He got moaned at as he bumped a boat opposite the services at Fradley, ‘ do you know what you are doing?’ Who sailes (!) in this weather anyway” were two of the comments she shouted. No harm done. I have boated in ice before, like you say life it too short.

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  1. That was certainly thick ice – we had to break through stuff a lot thinner than that when we moved from Stoke Prior to Droitwich Spa Marina a couple of weeks back and it was the noise that amazed us. Glad you made it safely. Jennie

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