Packed up and waiting …

The day I’ve been excitedly anticipating whilst simultaneously dreading is almost over.

The Lichfield Calendar Club shop is all packed onto pallets waiting for the truck to arrive and take them away on their journey down to HQ in Exeter.

What a mammoth task!

Thankfully we had three amazing helpers – Tony, Jules and Pete. Thank you dear friends, couldn’t have managed without you.

We were also blessed by a number of our lovely Lichfield regulars who stopped by to say ‘farewell for now’ during the day. We’ll be back in October if all goes to plan.

Still a way to go hours after starting the dismantling process …

Looking rather empty now …

Almost done …

The amazing team! Barry, Jules, Pete, Tony and the ‘Operator’!

Eight pallets packed and waiting for the truck to take them away …

A long cold wait – fish/sausage and chips for tea sat on the stairway





Hopefully the truck will arrive soon – then we can return the vacuum to my sister and head back to the boat for a celebratory drink or two. And look forward to a leisurely lie-in together tomorrow.


Was it all worth it? You bet it was …


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