Thank heavens for Victoria Park and the London Canal Museum

Loving this blog post from a lone female boater who runs ‘death cafés’ 😉

Sue Brayne

20150501_085227The blossom in Victoria Park was spectacular this morning.

Over the past two days I have grown to love this park. I didn’t know it existed before mooring up a couple of days ago in the only available space on the towpath as rain thundered down on my hat.

Thanks to Lottery Funding, and a lot of community work, Victoria Park has become the heartland of Tower Hamlets, an area that is considered as one of the world’s most racially diverse zones, with one of the highest proportion of Muslims in England.

Therefore, I imagined I would have felt some kind of tension.

Yet, I experienced the park as an oasis of calm and tranquility; an inspiration to a myriad of runners, cyclists, walkers, roller-skaters, mums with prams, children, dogwalkers and cricketers. People from every creed and colour mingle here to enjoy what this green space has to offer and…

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