Shaken and stirred on the way to Wolverhampton

It’s not been the best couple of days for me – I succumbed to a nasty tummy bug caught from my adorable grandsons last week. Poor Barry’s been a lone boater with a sick wife on board.

We’ve now arrived in Wolverhampton, having accomplished the admirable time of three and a half hours up the Wolverhampton 21 on his own! Admittedly I got a little shaken and stirred sitting feeling sorry for myself inside, but it was still infinitely better than passing out through lack of sustenance had I been driving or locking.

I’ve postponed my visit to mum and dad till Saturday, as the last thing I want to do is pass this revolting illness on to two vulnerable elderly folks. Chances are sadly that it’s just a matter of time before the good captain succumbs …

Assuming he doesn’t, and is fit to travel, he’ll be heading to Birmingham over the weekend for a few days towpath trading before we go to The Black Country Boating Festival next weekend.


2 Comments on “Shaken and stirred on the way to Wolverhampton

  1. Hello lovelies, so sorry you’ve been poorly. Hugs and get better wishes on the way.
    We are too heading to Birmingham next week but we’re booked in for Tipton on 20th Sept. I do hope we catch up again soon. xMx


    • Thanks Marianne, it’s a rare event me being poorly. Lessons for me in sitting, in a four of swords/hanged man sort of way maybe? We’ll catch up again soon I’m sure 😉


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