I caught up with Barry and the boat in Birmingham last Monday, after an emotional weekend in Brighton saying ‘farewell for now’ to my beautiful, brave younger daughter.

I’ll miss her loads, and my mini-breaks to the seaside. It reminds me of the spirit of Gisborne, though the beaches are a complete contrast. Gisborne’s are embraced by soft golden sand, and are never crowded even in the height of summer. Brighton is a shingle beach and on a sunny day is filled with hoards of people grasping the gift of warmth while they can …

Gisborne town beach in the height of summer

Gisborne town beach in the height of summer

Brighton beach in the height of summer!

Brighton beach in the height of summer!

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The Home Brew Boat and Wild Side at Rushall Lock

It’s been another full, fun and fascinating week for Barry and I living our ‘life less ordinary’.

You know the saying ‘… like ships that pass in the night“? Well that’s been us more so than our ‘normal’ recently – and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Maybe that’s one of the crucial keys to maintaining a happy marriage?!

Here, there and everywhere …

Last Wednesday we did the 21 flight of locks leading up to Wolverhampton. It felt as though summer  had suddenly arrived, similar to our experience in 2015 when we ascended the flight! Mooring up at the park at the top of the flight overnight (so many people don’t stay there, they’re fearful of what ‘could’ happen, we’ve done it many times and never had a problem). On Thursday afternoon I hopped on a train to Droitwich to see mum. Read More

The Oatcake Boat

What wonderful tales we’ve had to date – The Pirate Boat, The Art BoatThe Glass BoatThe Doggie Boat, The Borders Cheese Carrying BoatThe Beverage Boat and Phoenix GiftsThe Bag BoatThe Jam Boat, and The Floating Art Gallery Boat.

This week sees the tenth tale – and sadly the last one I have lined up. When (rather than ‘if’!) I receive more from Floating Traders, I’ll post them – on a Friday at 12 midday.

Introducing Kay (and Steve)

What’s the name of your boat, and what business do you run from it?

Kay Mundy, The Oatcake BoatOur boat is called Que Sara Sara (a clever play on names, Kay and Sara), and we sell homemade (Staffordshire) Oatcakes – with mainly savoury fillings, occasionally sweet ones. As Oatcakes are mainly a Staffordshire delicacy, that’s where we tend to cruise and trade.

Staffordshire is famous for pottery, more so historically. Oat straw was used to pack the pottery before the canals were built, as the pottery was transported using a horse and cart. People wondered what to do with all the left over oats, and subsequently Oatcakes were invented. Read More


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