We had a second brilliant weekend at the Blisworth Canal Festival last weekend. The people of the village and surrounding areas, who arrive in their throngs, are extremely friendly and jovial.

It didn’t begin too well when Barry and I took my gazebo to the festival field to erect it on the Friday evening. The wind was howling and it was soon obvious that putting it up would be a challenge, never mind leaving it overnight without it blowing away!

So we returned on Saturday morning. To a similar problem. There were tears of stress as I saw that in the position I’d been given (which ordinarily would be perfectly fine as it was right where everyone could see me), there was literally a gale driving up the field and threatening to destroy the gazebo whilst I was painting someone’s face. Memories of the conditions in Bugsworth Basin at Easter resurfaced … Read More


Not long after buying our first narrowboat, ‘Northern Pride’, we began blogging. I love to write, and of course Barry had been a professional photographer for 35 years. He re-kindled his previously lost passion, and saw it as a hobby. He returned to feeling like an excited young man, skipping around shooting images of the canals and places we visited along the way.

We’d spend hours most days writing the blog about our travels, for the people back in NZ, and also our family and friends in UK. We wanted to share our stories and show that many people CAN live their “someday I’ll …” lives.

We’ve lost count of how many people we’ve met since April 2009 who’ve exclaimed to us regretfully “Oh, I’d love to do what you’re doing, but …” We share a deep knowing, this smile inside, which sort of wants to scream at them “Then just flipping DO IT!”

Because most people CAN make the changes necessary to follow their dreams.

BUT … Read More

Blisworth Canal Festival 2016

At some point during our festive gathering in 2012, Barry and I pulled a couple of swish crackers. Being only a few months before our big move to the UK, it was serendipitous and rather creepy that the gifts  inside ours were a wine glass trinket each (you know the ones that you clip on the stem to remember whose glass is whose?).

My gift wine glass identifier was a plane, Barry’s was a narrowboat! We loved them, despite the freakiness of it …

Recently we noticed the plane had gone astray, and we never did discover where it went to. Read More


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